Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Small is Beautiful-Bibury Village

I met Malcolm Moseley, Professor of Rural Community Development in June 2009 at The Countryside and Community Research Institute in Gloucestershire, UK. Upon leaving, he recommended me to visit a beautiful village- Bibury, just off  A40 road from Gloucester to Oxford. Bibury is an old village, having a few cottages built from local stone. It's clean Coln River  flows through the village parallel to the main street. I was attracted to its greenery, including the river, fish ponds and stone cottages half covered with creepers.

Stone Cottages of Bibury Village

River Coln-green and clean

Information centre
There is another beautiful village in Holland I visited. The setting is almost like those villages in the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia with houses built along canals (parit). The different is that the water in the canal was very clean. They really make used of the canal for their advantage such as linking it to their backyard garden, boating and fishing.

Canal in village- water was very clean, they used it for fishing, and boating activities
Fishing in the canal at garden yard

Riding bicycle is common in Holland. But in the city of Amsterdam you can find bicycles everywhere. 

A good example of linking canal to your garden

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